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Welcome to Magically Lirio!

Welcome to Magically Lirio!

Hiiii!! *waves both hands*

I’m Stacy and I’m a fanatic for all things magical (read: Disney). I have been lucky enough to visit Disney World 12 times in my life already; I am currently planning trip #13 AND my first ever trip to Disneyland and Disney California Adventure!

1994 03 23 Empress Lily
March 23, 1994 in front of the Empress Lilly in what was then called the Disney Marketplace

My parents started taking us to Disney World when my sister was 5 and I was 7. We went roughly every other year until we were 19 and 21 before they decided we were too old and could pay for our own vacations. (Boooooo)

May 2009 Port Orleans Riverside
May 2009 Port Orleans Riverside Magnolia Crescent

I have gotten to go on 8 Disney trips with my family and have been on 4 more on my own dime since (2 with my wonderful hubby!). The WDW trip we are planning for this fall will be my sister’s first trip in 8 years and my niece’s first trip ever! 


Our beloved little Minnie Mouse – Halloween 2014


My husband has always felt positively towards Disney and has been to The World before; now that he married into my Disney obsession, he happily goes on trips with me. Sometimes he’s really just humoring me or tolerating my nonstop Disney chatter, but I’m lucky that he usually thinks my fandom is adorable.

Possibly my favorite wedding gift, but is it his?

My goal for this blog is to share with you a whole variety of fun! You can join me for: throwbacks, adventures from my trips, plans and my favorite resources for future ones, insights on Disney things to come, my favorite things to do while I’m in the most magical place on earth, my favorite items from my favorite small shops, and lots more.

Thanks so much for coming along on my magical journey!


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