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A Little More Backstory

A Little More Backstory

Now that you’ve read about the craziest WDW booking experience I’ve ever had, I thought it might be a good time to take a step back and give you a little more backstory on me and how I came to be such a Disney fanatic.

As I mentioned in my first post, I have been to Disney World 12 times. I had the privilege to stay on Disney property 11 of those times. Growing up, we stayed at Dixie Landings (now part of Port Orleans Riverside), all 3 of the All Star Resorts (Music, Sports, and Movies), and Pop Century. As we got older, we returned to our Dixie Landings roots and stayed in the mansion-style buildings at Port Orleans Riverside. My parents even splurged one year and we stayed at the Boardwalk! Since then, my husband and I stayed at Port Orleans Riverside on both of our trips together (once in a Royal Guest Room and once on the Alligator Bayou side of the property) and will have the opportunity to stay at Animal Kingdom Lodge on our upcoming trip.

Port Orleans Riverside waterwheel at the food court

I tell you all of this to help give you an idea of where my insights are coming from and what my perspective is on the most magical place on earth. I have not stayed at every resort Disney has to offer, but I have stayed at a fair few (6). As I continue my Disney adventures as an adult, alongside my husband, I am making a strong effort to explore new resorts, pay closer attention to different attractions and experiences, and eat at new restaurants. My husband is even a little unhappy with me because I put a limit on how many repeat restaurants we could eat at on this trip since I really want to try new (to us) restaurants.

Views from Kona Cafe at the Polynesian never disappoint

I make a strong effort not to give in to my desire to visit Disney more often than every other year. I do this for two main reasons: 

  1. I do want to see more of the world and it’s just not practical for us to do Disney and another big vacation within the same year.
  2. I think it makes it extra special when we do get to go. If we went more often, not as much will have changed between trips and it might lose a little something without the anticipation and excitement of planning and counting down.

That being said, the feeling of absolute need to go to Disney comes about much sooner than the trips do and I think that level of excitement is part of what makes it so fun and magical. We’re currently 158 days out from our Disney World trip and I. CAN’T. WAIT.

You can tweet your countdown to @WDWToday using #disneyvacationcountdown and they’ll tweet you back with an image like this!

I will fully admit I try to make excuses to go to Disney more often. When we finally make a trip together to Europe, an extra day will be planned in France so we can visit Disneyland Paris. 2018 is supposed to be an off year for us where we won’t go to Disney, but my friend and I are planning our first runDisney race for the 2018 Wine & Dine Half Marathon weekend! I’m saving my pennies in my own account so I can justify that trip. 🙂

The France Pavilion is the closest I’ve been to Disneyland Paris

So many people I encounter, who are not Disney-obsessed like I am, wonder why I want to go to Disney so often and why I love it so much. They emphasize that there are so many other places in the world to visit and that it’s so limiting to keep going to Disney over and over. Not all those who grew up with multiple trips to visit Mickey love it as an adult but, for me, it has always been such a magical place for me (I know, I know, duh). While it is not the same as actually traveling the world, Disney gives us the opportunity to experience so much in one place.

The experiences we have always leave such an impression and leave us always wanting to have them again and again. Experiencing little pieces of different cultures, tasting new foods and sipping different drinks while taking in the scenery of a country halfway around the world gives me this blissful feeling I can’t even begin to describe. The whole environment and atmosphere is so different in Disney –  everyone is so pleasant and happy and we truly get to act like kids!

Hangin’ with Roy & Minnie in May 2009

Thanks for hanging out with me!


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