What Makes a Celebratory Trip So Special

What Makes a Celebratory Trip So Special

As we approach our next trip to Disney World, I have been thinking a lot about all the wonderful reasons we will be celebrating when we go: My husband and I are counting it as a belated 1st anniversary celebration, it will be our niece’s 1st trip, and we are celebrating my mom’s birthday. Our previous trip coincided with my birthday and my husband proposed, and the last trip my parents took me and my sister was in celebration of their 25th wedding anniversary. You could say I have a lot of experience celebrating in Disney so I’d love to share some reasons why it’s so fantastic to plan celebration trips and, most importantly, tell the cast members that you’re celebrating!


First off: buttons. When you tell the cast members at check-in, they should give you celebration buttons. For my parents’ anniversary, they gave them both special anniversary buttons and us kids ones that simply said “I’m Celebrating”. When we checked in for my birthday trip, I got a birthday button and they wrote my name on it. After the proposal, we went to the front desk and asked for Just Engaged buttons, which they wrote our names on. Disney LOVES to celebrate, and the buttons are a great way for everyone to know. It’s so much fun walking around and hearing birthday wishes or congratulatory greetings from random people who walk by.


There may even be some perks that come along with those buttons advertising your celebrations. On our 2009 family trip, people wished my parents a happy anniversary everywhere we went. Some restaurants decorated the tables with confetti and others brought out special desserts. 

25th anniversary celebratory dinner table at Tony’s Town Square in the Magic Kingdom
25th anniversary celebratory dessert at Kona Cafe in the Polynesian resort
Close-up of the Lilo & Stitch cocoa detail
Close-up of the cocoa dusted “Congratulations”

After my husband proposed, we received congratulations and well wishes from seemingly everyone we walked by. On my birthday, I received a hug from a very tall German man working at a shop in the Germany pavilion. Plus, when entering Be Our Guest for lunch, the woman directing people into lines saw my birthday button and our Just Engaged buttons and let us skip the line and go to a different register to order our food. She also commented that it was quite a day for me! 😀 Hubby actually proposed the 1st day of our trip, which was 3 days before my birthday, so I got to float on my celebration-high for the entire trip.

My handsome hubby at Animal Kingdom the day after he proposed ❤


It may seem like asking for attention or taking advantage to go and ask for a button, but I promise you should. Disney, and almost all Disney-goers, love a good excuse to celebrate. Plus, they wouldn’t offer them if it wasn’t okay!


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  1. I planned a special trip a month before my 30th birthday for the celebrations and there was really NOTHING else like it!

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