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Favorite Attractions: Epcot – Future World

Favorite Attractions: Epcot – Future World

Hiiiiiiii!! As you are reading this post, we are 18 days from our trip! I am so excited checking and double-checking our plans, FastPass+ times, and trying to rearrange some dining reservations! One thing I have been doing a lot of is saying to my husband, “Three weeks from right now, we’ll be doing [this] thing.” and I’ve been visualizing our time in the parks. Epcot is one of my favorite parks (Magic Kingdom also is, because, castle. And magic. But Hollywood Studios is home to my two very favorite rides.) and there is so much to do and so many different experiences to have!

I am going to split Epcot into two posts because I feel the World Showcase and Future World both have SO much to offer, this post would be outrageously long and nearly unrelated to one another.


Future World in Epcot is anchored by the glorious Spaceship Earth, which is the largest geodesic sphere in the world. There are 954 triangular panels covering the outside and it spans a whopping 165 feet in diameter! Inside this giant golf ball is, in my mind, the most quintessential of all Epcot attractions. The ride has changed a bit over the years, but the core is really the same. I always used to think it was a great ride to take a nap in (dark + air conditioning in Florida is always appreciated) but I’ve come to really love it. Plus, who can argue with narration from Dame Judy Dench??

If not for my need to mention the pinnacle of the park first, my very first attraction to mention would have been Test Track. It is my favorite ride in all of Epcot. I am a thrill seeker and a lover of roller coasters so it’s always been right up my alley. When the ride first became operational, my mom was so set on riding, we spent over an hour and a half in line, mostly sitting on the floor, due to repeated apologies for delays due to technical difficulties. This is a woman who goes to browse around the store more after shopping while my dad waits in line with the cart because she doesn’t have patience to wait in line. Anyway, I digress. Recent changes to Test Track added an interactive feature at the beginning that allows you to design your vehicle (and makes the wait feel shorter since you’re spending time on that).

Since I just said I’m a thrill seeker, you may be expecting me to mention Mission: Space next. If that’s the case, prepare to be disappointed. 😉 I have an iron stomach for rides but there are still a few I can’t handle, and this is one of them (both versions). I am hopeful the coming changes (mentioned in this post) will change my mind.


Over to the other side of the glorious fountain (which really is an attraction in and of itself), The Land is home to two attractions I love (and one I really miss…anyone else remember Food Rocks??): Soarin’ and Living with the Land.


Now, I have not ridden Soarin’ since it changed from hang gliding over just the California coastline to seeing landmarks around the world, but the Soarin’ I do know is so incredible. It makes you truly feel like you’re flying! The feeling of the breeze, the movements, the smells…it’s so amazing.

Living with the Land is another attraction I feel like can be overlooked because it’s not exactly thrilling in the traditional sense. I always see a pretty long line so I  know I’m not the only one who loves it! I love the reminder of how important our beautiful planet is and how much she provides for us. Sidenote: Hubby and I did the Behind the Seeds Tour and it was absolutely fantastic. It was a very affordable tour and it was so fun and informative!

It may seem like a short list but that’s truly what gets me excited about Future World! While I love everything relating to the water, The Seas attractions don’t get me amped up and the only time I’m in Innoventions is to cut through in some air conditioning!

What are some of your favorite Future World attractions?


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  1. I’m finally catching up with your posts today- omg I loved Food Rocks! To this day I can’t listen to those songs without thinking about it!!

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