Family Disney Trip 2017: Day 6 – Back to Magic Kingdom

Family Disney Trip 2017: Day 6 – Back to Magic Kingdom

Day 6 brought us back to Magic Kingdom to finish out our park days! I generally like to avoid Magic Kingdom on weekend days and this was a Saturday but I also couldn’t imagine not getting to see the castle one last time before we headed back home.

We’d never actually seen Cinderella’s Wishing Well so we decided to take the long way to our breakfast at Be Our Guest so we could see it and take some photos.

I honestly didn’t even care that I was channeling my inner Ariel that day. Cindy is my girl, too! Plus, hubby was wearing my favorite of all his Disney shirts, a wedding gift from an amazing friend of ours.

Be Our Guest breakfast round 2 was just as wonderful as the day prior. Sadly for hubby, tho, we struck out again at finding a table in the West Wing, so we dined in the Ballroom once again (you know I wasn’t complaining).

We took our time with breakfast and then went to meet up with my family before our Buzz Lightyear FastPass. On our way, we stopped at the Purple Wall for some photos of my Interchangeable mermaid ears.

Next up, of course, was the People Mover! I know I’ve said it before, but I love this ride so much and I feel like it’s totally underrated.

We found my parents hanging out at a table in Tomorrowland and my mom was wearing her mermaid ears, too!

Long story short, but we ended up waiting for my sister and niece for too long and missed our Buzz FastPass. Hubby and I still had some bonus ones left and we didn’t want to try to get on Buzz, anyway, and risk losing our chance for using those bonus ones for Thunder Mountain, so we parted ways with the fam and went for Big Thunder!

After the wildest ride in the wilderness, we strolled our way back thru Frontierland and Adventureland, Liberty Square and Fantasyland, over to Seven Dwarfs Mine Train to wait for my family for our next FastPass.

We knew they’d be a bit, so we stopped for a snack.

Our niece loved the Mine Train SO much!! We knew she would and none of us were disappointed. I love this ride so much and I felt awful having to tell her we couldn’t go on it again (the wait was just way too long).

After that, everyone else was hungry so we went to Gaston’s Tavern for some giant cinnamon rolls. Guys, these things are insane! Hubby and I shared one and didn’t even finish it!

After that we went for People Mover again, because why not?

And then we saw the famous custodial staff making art on the ground with water and their brooms!


Hubby and I had dinner plans in Epcot at Chefs de France but we didn’t really need to head over there quite yet, so we headed to the train station on Main Street and rode the train around the park. It was great to relax and just reflect on the amazing trip this far.

After our train ride, we exited Magic Kingdom and headed for the Monorail to Epcot.

You all know this by now, but I love Epcot so much. The sun was setting when we arrived and Spaceship Earth was all golden looking, so of course I had to snap some pictures.

We were there plenty early for dinner so we took our usual time strolling back thru the World Showcase and checked in for our reservation early.

I will tell you this was not the best meal we’ve had in Disney and I was probably a little more sad about it than I should have been, but it was our last park night so I think I’d built it up in my head. Either way, we did enjoy the date and the wine and dessert (Creme brûlée is my favorite dessert EVER so I was a happy lady).

Then it was back to Magic Kingdom for our first time seeing Happily Ever After!

This show was SO amazing!!! I’ve heard a lot of mixed things because a lot of folks just weren’t ready to let go of Wishes but we really, really loved it!

Don’t let my husband’s face fool you – having a 5-year-old on your shoulders is hard work! But look how awed she was!!

We had Space Mountain FastPasses for after the show and even managed to grab ones for Buzz after that, so we managed to ride it, after all!!

I won, btw, and hubby was all mad and claimed his gun was broken (that’s what they all say) but I contend that the he wasn’t even paying attention. 😛

All in all, it was an amazing final park day!


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