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Disney Snacks

Disney Snacks

What Should I Spend My Snack Credits On?

If you’re on the Disney Dining plan, you probably know each person is allotted 2 snack credits per day. I think 1 of the hardest things to do is decide what to spend those snack credits on. It may surprise you just how many items actually qualify as a snack, so I’m hoping this post will help you decide.


There are obvious choices, like bottled beverages, popcorn, Mickey pretzels, and Mickey ice cream, and while there’s nothing wrong with any of those, there is a lot more variety available than you may realize. And if you’re tired of those more typical snacks, you’ll be happy to find there are a lot more options out there. I haven’t tried all of these, but I’ve seen or heard about them and they’re definitely musts to try! This is not meant to be an exhaustive list but just some favorites and specific callouts for specific items. Most of the places I’ll mention feature a number of other amazing and unique snack options. If you want an exhaustive list, you can find one here.


As a general rule, most items $5 and under will count as a snack credit. Disney is wonderful, though, and puts this handy little icon on menus next to any item that can qualify as a snack credit!Image result for disney snack credit symbol

A really popular place to use snack credits is Starbucks! Every Disney World park has one now and allllllllll the drinks count, even Venti and Trenta sizes! Most of the snacks, including the adorable cupcakes, also count!


Pretty much everyone who’s ever been to Disney will be thrilled to know Dole Whips count as a snack credit – both soft serve and floats! And in that same vein, I used a snack credit more times than I’d care to admit for a scoop of ice cream in a waffle cone from L’Artisan De Glaces in the France Pavilion in Epcot! And, speaking of France, almost everything from the Patisserie in the France Pavilion (including my favorite: chocolate croissants) count as snack credits.


Actually, the World Showcase as a whole has a ton of small little carts and kiosks throughout the different countries and tons of them have items you can use a snack credit on!

  • You can get churros and caramel in Mexico
  • There are a whole slew of delicious pastry options in Norway
  • A variety of tea and even egg rolls await you in China
  • An outrageous amount of desserts and pretzels are available in Germany
  • You’ll only really find standard beverages or Pizzelle cookies in Italy
  • Shaved ice is the perfect thing to cool you down in Japan
  • Just beverages in Morocco
  • We already talked about ice cream and pastries, but you can also use snack credits on crepes France
  • Mostly just beverages or a cookie in UK
  • I am absolutely dying to try the croissant doughnut in Canada

I mentioned this one in my Favorite Restaurants: Magic Kingdom post, but seriously, the cinnamon roll at Gaston’s is just so delicious!! I won’t give you all my commentary all over again, because you either read about it when I posted it or [hopefully] just clicked that link to read it now.

Terrible photo quality, but who has time to take a nice photo when you really just want to eat??

And finally, my absolute favorite thing we spent a snack credit on EVER: Baked Macaroni & Cheese from Eight Spoon Café in Animal Kingdom. Eight Spoon is on Discovery Island and, if you’re heading towards Asia, it’ll be on your left, right across from the Adventurer’s Outpost. We snagged 2 of these babies each for lunch one day since we had so many snack credits and it was amazing. I had just the regular mac & cheese but my husband got the one with pulled pork on top and we were both VERY happy with the meal choice. I sadly didn’t take a picture (probably because I just couldn’t wait to eat) but it looked amazing and it tasted amazing.

What’s your favorite Disney World snack?


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