Food & Wine Trip: Day 3

Food & Wine Trip: Day 3

Day 3 began with Bon Voyage Breakfast at Trattoria al Forno on the Boardwalk. It’s funny – I was very underwhelmed by dinner at Trattoria al Forno the 1 time I had it, but their breakfast is my favorite on property. Because I’m super extra, I wore my purple Wandering Free shirt and brought both my pink sparkly Tangled sun ears and my Part of Your World ears so I could swap after Flynn and Rapunzel before Eric and Ariel came around.

Lori and I both got the Snuggly Duckling drink, which was absolutely delicious. I got the Tangled Eggs but I got fonduta instead of Sunday gravy, and Lori had King Triton’s Shipwreck al Forno, and both were super yummy.


This is what happens when you and your best friend have the same taste in pastries
King Triton’s Shipwreck al Forno
Tangled Eggs with fonduta
The Smolder
The Smolder
Lori’s fave princess
I may have said this last year but I’m too lazy to go back to my post to check: I liked Punzie from the 1st time I saw Tangled, but this character meal makes me love her and Flynn even more
Prince Eric was a pretty big fan of my ears, tho he didn’t think his statue really looked like him
I’m going to be honest: Eric is the most boring character to meet at this breakfast. There, I said it.
Ariel absolutely loved my ears and tried to get Lori to help her steal them off my head
Ariel was completely disgusted with Lori’s ears

Lori did something adorable and asked Rapunzel and Ariel if they would be willing to record videos saying hi to her kids and they did not disappoint! It was so cute to watch and her girls really loved getting them.


After breakfast, we changed into our matching Happiest Friends on Earth shirts in the bathroom, then walked over to the Boardwalk’s bus stop to head over to Magic Kingdom. Move It, Shake It was going by as we walked in, so we stopped to let it pass on its way up Main Street. We had a FastPass we were heading to but were hoping to snag a Main Street picture in our matching shirts before we got too hot and sweaty. We were 2nd in line when the parade starting to make its way back and Cast Members were sending folks back to the sidewalks. The photographer apologized but told us to wait just off to the side and we could come back after it passed again. Well, as luck would have it, the people she was photographing were super quick so she told us to leave our bags on the curb and we ran back into the street, got our photos quick, and darted off to the left side of Main Street just in time.

Shirts from By Ky Studios

We got our picture and we made it to the side of the street we needed to be on to head over to Frontierland for our Thunder Mountain FastPass. We scanned our Magic Bands and got in line aaaaaand they announced they were having technical difficulties when we got right to the top of the last ramp. I figured we would just wait but they made everyone get out of line. They actually had us go down to the bottom and cross through a parked ride vehicle to get out.


Since we had no idea how long Thunder would be down, we went to the complete opposite side of the park for 1 of my absolute favorite rides: The People Mover.


As always, it was glorious. Being out of the sun and having that breeze was so welcome because it was an outrageously hot, humid day. After People Mover, we were in the window to use our Space Mountain FastPass, so we made the short stroll over there.


Buzz had a long wait, so we figured we’d head back to Frontierland to try our Thunder FastPass again since the app was showing it was up and running again. On the way out of Tomorrowland, we stopped for another PhotoPass.


We got over to Frontierland and thankfully, our attempt at our Thunder FastPass do-over was successful! I seriously love that ride so much so I was really glad we managed to get on.


On our way out of the ride, we stumbled onto another PhotoPass photographer, so we grabbed some pictures from him while we were there.


From Frontierland, we made the short walk over to Adventureland for Pirates of the Caribbean. The posted wait time was 40 minutes but we only waited 35. This was my 1st time riding since they changed the redhead scene and I honestly like it way better. She’s a total badass now and I think it’s a vast improvement from before.


We were feeling pretty toasty after Pirates, so we decided it was time for something sweet. I headed over to Sunshine Tree Terrace for a Citrus Swirl and it was exactly what I was in the mood for.


After our treats, it was over to Fantasyland for our Seven Dwarfs Mine Train FastPass (which I still can’t believe we managed to get). After that, we figured it was time to start thinking about lunch. We made our way to Main Street to do some shopping, checked out the train station (if you don’t know, the train isn’t running while they’re building the Tron coaster, but the train is parked at Main Street Station and you can go up and take a look).

She’s going to kill me for putting this picture in here…

We hopped on a monorail to Epcot and made straight for the World Showcase. Lunch was in Germany and we both got the Bratwurst and Lori also got Schinkennudeln, which is pasta gratin with ham, onions, and cheese.


After we ate, we made our way over to Mouse Gear to do some shopping, and then walked back to Beach.

And, yes, if you’re reading this thinking we did a ton of back and forth, you are absolutely correct. The monorail drops you at the Future World end of the park, we walked to World Showcase to eat, back to Future World to shop, then back through the World Showcase to get back to our hotel.


We chilled for a little bit to cool off and relax and then made our way back to Magic Kingdom because we managed to snag another FastPass for later on and we wanted to see Happily Ever After.


We got in the park and, after pictures in front of the train station and on Main Street, immediately sought out Mickey pretzels and a place to see the fireworks. We managed to find a spot on Main Street to  sit on the ground and eat while we waited for the show.


It was probably 30 or 40 minutes before the fireworks started by the time we found our spot and sat down and there were already tons of people packed onto Main Street to watch.


Happily Ever After was incredible and wonderful and amazing as always. We sang along and danced and had an all-around blast. 🙂


Once the show ended, we darted right as quickly as we could to try to get out of the madness and over to Tomorrowland for our Buzz Lightyear FastPass. I must have found 1 of the really high value targets because I completely whooped Lori, so that was pretty awesome (though she did not agree).


We decided to wander through Fantasyland and The Many Adventures of Winnie the Pooh had a short wait so we figured we’d round out the night on a cute note. By then it was pretty late and we were exhausted, so we said goodnight to the castle and headed back to our hotel.

Thanks for reading along! Come back next week to read about our 4th day!


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