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Thingamabobs Series: Mouse Ears

Thingamabobs Series: Mouse Ears

One of my favorite things to do when I’m traveling to Disney is plan out my outfits for each day and have lots of choices of ears, shirts, and other accessories to be totally adorned in Disney.

I buy from small shops as often as possible because supporting local and handmade has always been extremely important to me AND because these items are going to be much more unique than anything you find at a Disney gift shop. (I’m definitely not hating on the Disney gift shops because I have plenty of Disney Parks merchandise, too).

Each post in my Thingamabobs Series will feature my favorite small shop items from a particular category and I’ll post from the series once every month or 2. There’ll probably end up being multiple iterations of each category over time as my collection grows (because, let’s be honest, my collection will never be complete…).

First off, the absolutely fantastic display I have my ears on is from Display Your Mouse Ears! You can find the shop here and Instagram here.


I am not going to talk about all my ears because some are park ears, some are from a shop that doesn’t make ears anymore, and some are ones I made and I have definitely not mastered that process yet.

First up are some amazing 3D Printed Ears from Aloha Ears Design. Shop them here or browse their insta here. They open every Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday at 6 PM WDW time.


These Epcot ears GLOW. IN. THE. DARK! Aloha offers both a green glow-in-the-dark and a blue glow-in-the-dark option and these are the green. I chose the custom flower crown option but you can also choose a bow from a variety of fabrics. When I ordered, I requested a complete rainbow of all the colors and they completely nailed exactly what I was going for!


These castles are pixie dusted and were from their Oopsie sale. I cannot find a flaw on these gorgeous ears and I’m so happy to own them! The classic silver and red is timeless and I think I can totally wear them as Christmas ears when the time comes!

My rose gold ears are one of my newest additions to the collection and they are absolutely stunning. Viva La Mouse is known for her confetti-filled Tinkerbell ears and they are amazing. Check out her Instragram for photos and dates for openings and shop here.


The interesting thing about her ears is they aren’t stuffed or plush in any way. They feel nice and sturdy and they have these beautiful sequins running along the outside of them that you don’t see on most other ears. The bow does feel like it has some stuffing or something in it and looks nice and plush and luxurious. The headband is wrapped in ribbon instead of the typical fabric and they’re so unique and beautiful!

My latest ears (and last for awhile because I really need to stop buying so much) are these unicorn ears from Bibbidi Bobbidi Brooke! The opalescent sequins are absolutely stunning and just so me. I love anything that has an iridescence or color shift to it.


Brooke also takes the time to customize every single pair of ears she makes with whatever you’d like on the ribbon on the inside of the headband. Before you add your ears to your cart, you have to add what you want it to say! That extra little touch just makes them so unique and special.


You can see pictures of many of Brooke’s ears and adventures here and shop here.

I have read and heard so many wonderful things about Be Ear Guest’s ears from many other shops and instagrammers I follow. She opens every week (usually Thursday) at 8:30 PM WDW time and only has a 2 week turnaround time. When I finally made the decision to buy a pair of her ears, I was dead set on a mint pair I’d seen in her Instagram feed way back and, of course, they didn’t stock for several weeks in a row once I decided I was ordering. Well, she introduced the Turquoise Shimmer ears in her shop and it was like I forgot the mint ones even existed.


My husband often refers to this color as Stacy-colored because I am obsessed with anything turquoise/teal/Tiffany blue. These ears are the most gorgeous color and so shimmery and sparkly every which way you look at them. They are also my personal favorite headband, as far as comfort goes, of all my pairs of ears.

These floral wire ears came in my March Cafe Forty Seven box (more about that here) from Darling Mouse Studio! The box was Little Mermaid themed (my favorite!) so I HAD to have it.


These ears are so lightweight and I love that they totally give Ariel vibes without being over-the-top or overtly mermaid. Her Instagram feed showcases all manner of gorgeous flower crowns and cute pins!

Thanks so much for checking out my beautiful collection. What are some of your favorite ear shops? Let me know in the comments!


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