Spontaneous Disney Trip 2018: Day 4 – Epcot Do-Over

Spontaneous Disney Trip 2018: Day 4 – Epcot Do-Over

Day 4 took my mom and I back to Epcot for a do-over from our rained out day 2 Epcot trip. We’d originally planned to do Magic Kingdom again, but as you read in last week’s post (if you missed it, you can catch up here), we made a decision late in the day prior to switch things up and head to Epcot again.


With the last minute nature of our plan change, we hadn’t been able to get a FastPass for Test Track, which is our favorite Epcot ride, so we got to Epcot for rope drop (if you don’t know what that means, it’s basically getting to the park before it opens so you can get in as soon as it does open – when they drop the ropes to let you enter) and went straight to Test Track. My mom doesn’t move as quickly as she once did and I ended up leaving her behind just to get there and she met me in line. I honestly don’t even remember what the posted wait time was, but we waited about a half hour in total, which isn’t bad at all for Test Track.


We hadn’t eaten anything yet, because priorities, so we started making our way to the World Showcase for breakfast. On our way, we obviously had to stop for a photo with the Goofy and Donald topiaries in between Future World and the World Showcase.


We took it slow and really enjoyed the amazing cool air and gorgeous sunny day. We had some fun in the relatively empty World Showcase and I took the opportunity to take more pictures.


As we approached the bridge between the United Kingdom and France, we spotted the PhotoPass spot I took a solo photo at on our prior Epcot day and there wasn’t a soul in line. So we snagged a few pictures, including one of my favorite magic shots!


The France Pavilion itself was pretty deserted, so I got to  take one of my favorite pictures of my mom before heading into the bakery.


Then we finally got to have our breakfast in France. We both had chocolate croissants and cappuccinos and it was perfection. It was a bit cool to sit outside, especially since none of the tables were in the sun, but we really enjoyed the quiet inside.


After breakfast we headed back to Future World and went straight to Mouse Gear to do some shopping. I’d strolled through a bit 2 days prior but neither of us really had much of an opportunity and it’s a favorite of ours.

We wandered over to Journey Into Imagination and it actually had a 20 minute wait posted, which surprised us. We didn’t quite wait that long, but it was close.


Since we were right there, and because they’re so cute, we went to watch the Pixar Shorts. We had a bit of time before the next showing was going to start so we just sat on some benches and stretched out, my mom put her feet up, and we just relaxed until it was time to head in. I’ve seen these shorts before, but I was reminded again just how great they are – I  absolutely love Piper and Feast!

After all the cuteness, it was time for our Living with the Land FastPass. Even though we did manage to ride 2 days prior, I do really like it, so we went on over to The Land for that.

By the time we were done, we were pretty hungry, so we made our way back to the World Showcase for lunch. After the disappointment of the Fried Mozzarella Sandwiches from the Festival of the Holidays Italy booth, we decided to stick with a classic and ate at Yorkshire County Fish & Chips in the UK Pavilion. My mom went to snag a table and I ordered the food. There was no line, I walked right up and ordered, and I hadn’t even gotten my credit card and receipt in my wallet and the food was ready.


We sat and relaxed and enjoyed our food and I savored my beer and it was just awesome. We decided we’d head to Disney Springs after our Soarin’ FastPass so we could have a snack at Ghirardelli and do some shopping before dinner.

After we were done eating, it was back to Future World again and into The Land once more for our Soarin’ FastPass. Ever since riding with our niece for her 1st time last year, Soarin’ will never be the same for me. Seeing her get so excited and loving every minute was the most magical thing and my mom and I loved reminiscing about that as we waited for our turn to board.


Then it was back to the car to make our way over to Disney Springs. Our 1st stop was Ghirardelli for a snack. We love ice cream in my family and my mom and I have been known on many occasions to have ice cream as a meal. I wanted to stick with a small cone so I wouldn’t be too full for dinner, but apparently a small at Ghirardelli isn’t actually small.


I’d been into Basin earlier in the week to pick up a gift for someone, but I really hadn’t given myself the chance to look around or try anything out. I am always on a mission for some good lotion, especially in the winter, so I was very interested in trying their body butters. So I tried some out, took a picture of the scents I liked, and went on my way around the rest of the store. I figured I could give myself time to make sure I really liked how it felt and see how it lasted since we’d be back in the area for dinner a little later.


Then I went over to the Christmas store to pick up a personalized ornament we’d bought as a gift for some friends and their new little one. Unfortunately, it wasn’t done the way we’d requested, but the Cast Member Sarah was amazing about getting it fixed for me and I only had to wait about 10 minutes and it turned out perfectly!!


Then it was back again to basically where we’d just been so we could go into Arribas. My mom and I have the same pair of earrings from there that we absolutely love and both of us keep hoping they’ll make more like them in different characters. They’re red and one side of each has white polka dots and the other yellow buttons, so they’re like Mickey and Minnie all in one earring. They’re adorable and I’d love some Donald and/or Daisy ones, but we never have any luck there.

At this point I’d decided to lotion was necessary so we went back into Basin so I could grab the Electric Lemonade amazingness. Bonus: The Basin stores on Disney property give a Passholder discount, so I was pretty happy with my purchase.

We wandered into Uniqlo to see if they had any cute Disney stuff, and they obviously did, but most of the items I was drawn to were only available in XS and S, and I am not a small person. But, honestly, my mom and I don’t need more clothing or more Disney anything ever. It’s not like that’s going to stop us, but it’s also not much of a tragedy.

We were a little early but since we were right there, we checked in for our dinner reservation at Paddlefish. The restaurant wasn’t very busy and we got called pretty quickly and we got a table in the window! I didn’t get any good photos because of the reflection but it was seriously gorgeous. The sun hadn’t finished setting yet but it was pretty close, so we had that awesome darkening sky with some orange still on the horizon and it was stunning.

The food was freaking delicious. My mom had the Crab Cake “BLT” and I had the Shrimp & Grits and we both absolutely loved every bit of our food.


After dinner, we finally went to Magic Kingdom after dark so we could stare at the castle and the dream lights. We stopped for a photo in front of the train station on the way in and it’s one of my all-time favorite Disney photos. As we waited in line, we kept seeing people walking behind the folks being photographed to take their own photos with their families and I was so worried we’d have some random strangers in the background of our pictures, but by the time it was our turn, there wasn’t anyone else around except the people behind us in line, and the photos turned out fantastic.


My mom obviously had to say hi to Roy and Minnie.


Then it was time for tears as we rounded the corner to see the castle. Ugh, it just fills me with so much emotion. I feel so fortunate to get to go to Disney as often as we do and the magic of it all makes me so weepy.

We knew we wanted our photo on Main Street so my mom hopped in line of the 1st photographer we saw and I made my way farther up Main Street to see if anyone had a shorter line. Unsurprisingly, no one did, so I may my way back and we were already next (yay for not having to stand in line!). It was so, so crowded and I thought for sure’d we’d be trying to crop and add borders and do whatever we could to get random strangers out of our photo, but it didn’t even end up being a concern! This photo is absolute perfection!! And, we both were thinking we’d have liked to have been closer to the castle, but after looking at our photos, we were both so glad we posed where we did because we also got all the pretty lights on Main Street.


Then, more staring. The castle is just so breathtakingly beautiful when it’s lit up at night. Especially with the dream lights.


We’d managed to grab a FastPass for the Jingle Cruise, so we tore ourselves away and headed for Adventureland. I’ve done the Jungle Cruise before, but this was actually my 1st time doing the Jingle Cruise! I love how punny and sarcastic the skippers are. Lots of folks probably roll their eyes at the bad jokes, but I love them.


We knew we wanted to watch Happily Ever After a little out of the way and not get too into the craziness. We also knew we didn’t want to have to stand for an extended period of time leading up to the fireworks, so we found a stone wall in Liberty Square to sit on and just stood up and moved a little when the show started. We did not have a perfect view, but we’ve seen Happily Ever After before and it was great not being caught up in the midst of crazy crowds to watch.

Then it was time for more staring. We wanted to wait out the crowds leaving for as long as we could, and we’d loved our vantage point of the castle when we’d had breakfast at Sleepy Hollow the morning before, so we went over to the exact spot we had our photo taken and took some photos of our own and just stared some more.


One thing I didn’t mention is it was pretty chilly. I want to say it got down to about 40 degrees, which isn’t exactly cold to us since we’re from Connecticut, but we only had long sleeved shirts and sweatshirts, so even we weren’t dressed perfectly for it. So we got cold sitting there and decided it was time to head out.


We made our final farewells to the castle and Magic Kingdom and left.


We walked out the gates to find the most massive Monorail line I have ever seen, so we took the shorter looking line for the ferry, which we were dreading was going to be freezing. The line, despite being crazy-long, moved continuously and the actual ride on the ferry wasn’t as cold as we anticipated.

All-in-all, we had quite the full day! I loved every minute of it and had such a great time spending the whole day with my mom.

Thanks for reading along! Come back next week to read about our our final day in Animal Kingdom!


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