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Disneyland Outfit Planning

Disneyland Outfit Planning

As our Disneyland trip approaches (5 days!!), I am starting to pull things out and set them aside for our trip. I never pack until the day before I travel (mostly because I don’t trust myself, even tho I make lists, I am never fully sure if the item crossed of the list is really in that suitcase or not, so I end up unpacking the whole thing the night before and re-packing it again, just to make sure) but I do start pulling things out and setting them on the guest bed to get an idea of what I want to bring and sorting them into outfits for each day.

For our travel day, I’m probably going to wear just some comfy leggings on the plane with my Stewart Avenue We’re All Mad Here shirt. I ordered up a size so it’s big and baggy and it’ll be super comfy for a day of flying. I’ll pair that with my grey Adidas sneakers (which I added hot pink laces to, because why not??) and I’ll be good to go.

Once we arrive, a wardrobe change will definitely be necessary to explore the Disneyland Hotel and downtown Disney. For that, I’ll throw on my d3tees x Bibbidi Bobbidi Brooke collab slouchy shirt with the ears on the pocket. I’ll pair that with rose gold ears from my shop and my Minnie Mouse New Balance sneaks (sadly, I don’t think they’re available anywhere anymore) and I’ll be ready to shop! (The shirt didn’t come, yet, so you’ll have to use your imagination).

Photo courtesy of d3tees

rose gold

For our 1st day in Disneyland, the original park, the classic, the OG, I think my outfit needs to align. I have these fabulous polka dot Pixie Pants from Old Navy that’ll look perfect with my Him and Gem Minnie tank and classic black sequin ears with red sequin bow from my shop. The same Minnie sneakers from the night before will finish it off perfectly.

Sidenote: While I know we can pop back and forth between the parks really easily, and plan to, I sort-of have it in my head that day 1 will mostly be Disneyland (we’re definitely starting the day there and eating dinner there), day 2 will mostly be Disney California Adventure (we’re eating dinner there), and day 3 (my actual birthday) will be a lot of back and forth (but we have dinner reservations in Disneyland).

My day 2 outfit is devoted to World of Color, even though we are (sadly) not going to get to see it. It was something I was most excited about for our visit to Disney California Adventure, but I am so excited for Pixar Fest and all the other offerings, so we’ll be ok. That said, I have an amazing shirt and ears that are just meant to be worn around DCA, so that’s exactly what I’m going to do! I’m wearing my The World is a Carousel of Color shirt from Cassell Tees and pairing it with my Fun Wheel ears from Aloha Ears Design. Jeans or shorts and my grey/hot pink sneakers will round out my outfit.

Finally, day 3 (and my birthday) is all about my favorite things. One of my all-time favorite Walt Disney quotes, and the one I tend to embrace every year on my birthday, is “Growing old is mandatory; growing up is optional”. Pixie Lee & Co. happens to have a shirt with this very quote on it, and it’s birthday themed! Mine is purple, so I think it’ll pair perfectly with the mermaid ears from my shop (with a purple bow + dinglehopper!), teal shorts, and my new Ariel sandals from Bibbidi Bobbidi Bling!

I’ll also be bringing my Magical Monograms sweatshirt that says This Land Was Made for You and Me and has all the icons we associate with Disneyland and Disney California Adventure on it, plus more ears and shirts than I actually need.

I think hubby will be bringing some of his Lost Bros shirts (Why is the Rum Always Gone and It’s a Small Underworld After All), and probably Li Shang’s Fight School from 2319 Threads (which you saw him wear in my Family Disney Trip 2017: Day 5 – Epcot Again post).

Do you have any other outfit planning tips for me before our big trip? Let me know in the comments!


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